National Epilepsy Awareness Month


The Problem: Challenges of Living with Epilepsy

Living with epilepsy can have its challenges. Epilepsy can affect a person’s emotional health in many ways. Emotional health is important for people with epilepsy, family members, caregivers and friends. With the power of our community, we can bring hope to those experiencing the challenges of epilepsy.

Learn more about epilepsy:

  • 1 in 10 people will have a seizure and 1 in 26 will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. We need more people to learn seizure first aid to help save a life.
  • There are 470,000 children in the U.S. living with epilepsy. Kids can change the world by educating those around them.
  • Epilepsy receives 10 times less funding than other brain disorders. We need to raise funds for care, advocacy, research and education.
Make a Difference: #RemoveTheFilter

During National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM) in November, join the Epilepsy Foundation as we #RemoveTheFilter and highlight not only the challenges that people with epilepsy may face, but the importance of creating awareness to support the more than 3.4 million people with epilepsy nationwide. Use the power of your journey to make a difference.

Share Your eJourney: Epilepsy Foundation Community Blog

Share your epilepsy story with the world – wherever you find yourselves in the fight. This includes family, friends, caregivers and anyone with an epilepsy journey. Videos, words, and photos all make this story real and can create understanding, support and outcomes that can shift the tide in the battle our community faces every day. Read community stories and submit yours today for our eJourney Community Blog. Read new eJourney stories on our community blog.

Get Seizure First Aid Ready

The Seizure First Aid Ready On Demand training is now available! This is a great resource that educates the public on the Epilepsy Foundation’s basic procedures for responding to someone having a seizure. The Seizure First Aid Ready course, available online anywhere and at any time, is presented in an interactive eLearning format that includes animations, videos, and activities. After completing the course, participants will be able to recognize common seizures, identify correct and incorrect steps for helping a person having a seizure, and identify when it would be necessary to call 911 in the event of a seizure.

Get Social to Encourage Action

Follow us on social media and change your Facebook profile picture or upload it on Instagram to help us #RemoveTheFilter and share life-saving information about epilepsy during NEAM. Challenge your friends to do the same and use the following hashtags in your social media posts: #NEAM2021, #RemoveTheFilter, #SeizureFirstAid.

National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM) 2021 graphics for social media.

Get Your Community Involved

Empower Other Kids

This year, we have a variety of activities that kids can do to participate in NEAM efforts:

  • Purple Shirt Day: Pick a day to wear a purple shirt or accessory to school and share facts about epilepsy with your teachers and classmates. Invite others to join you ahead of time.
  • Get Creative: Use your artistic skills to create a poster or flyer with epilepsy facts and ask your teacher if you can post it on an announcement or bulletin board in your school building during the month of November.
  • Show Your Fall Spirit: Autumn is here and so are pumpkins everywhere! Raise awareness and funds for the epilepsy community by joining the Purple Pumpkin Project and paint your orange pumpkin patch purple.
  • Share Information with Others: Ask your teacher, principal or coach if you can give a short presentation to your school, classroom or sports team before or after morning announcements, practice/games. Talk about epilepsy and what it means to you.
  • Talk or Text Your Friends and Family: Work with your parents to call or text members of your extended family and friends and tell them about how epilepsy has affected you or someone you know during the month of November. Encourage them to get certified by taking the Epilepsy Foundation’s Seizure First Aid Training.
  • Plant Purple Flowers: Plant or pot purple flowers, like mums or asters, this November to honor people who have been impacted by epilepsy.
  • Paint the Town: Use sidewalk chalk to draw purple pictures on your sidewalk and/or driveway in honor of NEAM.

Become an Epilepsy Awareness Ambassador

Epilepsy Awareness Ambassadors are passionate and dedicated volunteers tasked with virtually growing epilepsy awareness across their community. Ambassadors engage in monthly activities that promote all areas of the Epilepsy Foundation’s mission to both people living with epilepsy and the general public. Choose your own volunteer opportunity based on your interests and availability.

Raise Funds for Epilepsy


The Epilepsy Foundation’s Walk to END EPILEPSY series and 2.6-million-mile challenge is back! Starting November, use your creativity and challenge yourself alongside others across the country to help those impacted by epilepsy and seizures. No matter when, how or where you participate, it’s your Walk, your way! Let’s start moving.

Fundraise Your Way

No matter your idea, every effort and dollar raised makes an impact. Whether you are hosting a backyard BBQ, running a marathon, or celebrating a loved one, you can help the 3.4+ million Americans living with epilepsy. Register today and receive resources, tips, and tools to help lead you to fundraising success and make a difference in your community!

Stream for Epilepsy

Join us for our month-long #GameOverEpilepsy event and unite with streamers from around the world to raise life-saving funds and awareness to help support the epilepsy community. Sign up to charity stream your favorite game or activity today, and aim to raise $75 or more to earn Season One Level Up! incentives!

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Epilepsy Foundation Communications

on Wednesday, October 21, 2020


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Epilepsy Medication

Find in-depth information on anti-seizure medications so you know what to ask your doctor.

Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline

Call our Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline and talk with an epilepsy information specialist or submit a question online.

Tools & Forms

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